Noah’s Home Comfort HVAC & Plumbing

a division of Noah’s Custom Country Homes


We guarantee quality, reliability, and affordability for all your HVAC projects.

Over the years, as Noah’s Custom Country Homes and Renovations Inc. grew and technology in HVAC systems evolved, it became essential to create a specialized division, specifically conceived to answer highly growing requests for healthy and safe residential and commercial spaces. Noah’s Home Comfort HVAC and Plumbing was born.

Operating in East and Central Ottawa, Noah’s Home Comfort HVAC and Plumbing provides the community with quality residential and light commercial Heating Ventilation/Air Conditioning and Plumbing products and services.

Heating & Cooling

An unbeatable choice of residential and commercial heating and cooling solutions for optimal comfort

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Choose to transform your residential or commercial environment with high efficient water-heating technology

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A whole team of certified technicians dedicated to your satisfaction

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Why Choose Us

Our mission

Provide best in class HVAC/Hydronic and Plumbing systems while exceeding industry standards with leading economical solutions for best possible system efficiency at competitive pricing.

Our Vision

We strive to be a leader with the HVAC and plumbing industry but also increase the value, quality and education in the area of Hydronic systems.

Our values

We endeavor to be a client-centric company, where satisfaction, responsiveness and quality is at the heart of our business.